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SEO Definitions: The Ultimate Glossary of the Most used SEO Terms in 2022



SEO Definitions: Search Engine Optimization sounds like an unknown language, especially when you're introducing something new to yourself.

When you think about hiring an internet marketing agency for optimization you will have to know some basics about SEO.

Want to find out the purpose of SEO?

On site optimization

Alternative text: Alternating texts describe the images that are displayed in an HTML document. Anchor text : text that links to the page. Content created automatically. Content written in a programmatic manner and without being written by humans. Duplicative content : Content which is distributed within different domains or between many sites within different domains. Geographic modifier: term used to describe physical locations or services. Pizza is a non-geographic item but “pizza in Seattle” is. Headers are HTML elements that define header in pages of your site. Image compression - The process that speeds up website pages by reducing image files size while minimizing the image quality of the image.

How Search Engines Work – Crawling, Indexing and Ranking

2. StatusCode. A class StatusCode. This indicates that the page was successfully viewed. 4 xx codes: A type of status code that indicates that an application page has been found to be faulty by. 5xx Status codes: A status code indicating the server inability to make the request. Advanced searches: Specific characters can be entered with a command line to define a specific query. Algorithm: A procedure that retrieves and organizes stored information. Backlinks: Inbound links refer back to other sites which point to a site you visited.

SEO 101

10 blue links: The search engine's default display form. 10 organic searches all showing a similar format. Search optimization practice which violates the standards for Google.

Search engines use crawling to locate you.

De-indexed: Refers to the removal of a page in the Search engine index.

Featured snippets: Organic answers box that appears in SERP for specific searches.

Google Business Listings: Free listings for local businesses.

Images Carousel: Image produces a SERP which can be viewed from right through left.

Technical Optimization

AMP: Usually called "diet HTML", a mobile-optimized website can be designed to provide lightning-speed viewing experiences for mobile users.

Async: Short for asynchronous, async means the browser can wait until the task is finished before moving on.

Internet browser: Browser software that helps you find information from a website. A request in a browser instructs the browser to search for the information needed to render the website on the computer.

Bundling: Combine multiple resources from the same source.

Keyword research

Ambiguous intent: relates to search terms in which the searcher's intent is not clear or requires additional information.

A question where the user wants to compare products and get one that fits their preferences and needs. Informational questions: A query where the searcher is looking for answers.

Moz defines keyword difficulty as the ability of a site to outrank its competitor. Keyword Explorer : Moz tool that helps to discover keywords in detail..

Link Building & Establishing Authority

10X content: coined by Rand Fishkin to explain content 10 times better than any website for that subject. Amplification: Share your brand information often in conjunction with Facebook ads or influencer marketing campaigns. Domain authority (DA) is a Moz metric used to determine domain rankings ability and most effective when comparing websites. Deindexing: When a URL or a whole URL is removed from search engines.

Algorithm Update

This can be accessed using Google algorithm update. Tell me the algorithm update? What is changing the search algorithm and the rankings? The rules may include changes to existing regulations. There is often minor updates that don't get noticed, but it's possible to see many changes in one year that will affect your rank in the rankings. Major updates in recent years include Pandas, Penguins, Pirate Hummingbirds, Pigeons, Mobile Friendly, Rankbrain Possums and Freds.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is Acceleration for mobile pages? It is a web development and mobile optimization framework designed by the AMP project to speed up the loading of sites and improve the mobile experience. Mobile web pages developed in AMP format contain restrictions to their HTML CSS or JavaScript which are stored by Google AMP cache. Often the result is that the pages load quickly if the user is completing searches using mobile devices.

More SEO definitions

Alt tag

Tell me the meaning of ALT attribute? The alt tags (a mistaken nickname for alt text) can be placed inside an image tag in HTML and use alternative text in an image. The addition of descriptions to the images for screen readers or Google searches will improve content quality. Using keywords to enhance images and text is advisable in search engine Google images. Examples: The Alt tag is visible from the code written after Alt.


How Does Backlinking Work? A Backlink is created if a link on another site is clicked. Essentially it's a confidence vote – the reference indicating the other website is an important source. When you link to another site, the SEO is the same. The link is important to link credibility, as it can provide good link relevance. Backlink count is an important factor in ranking web sites. The article will explain the backlink.

visibility on search engines

Absolute URL

Tell me the absolute URL of the URL? Often referred to as external links if necessary. It gives absolute (or complete) paths to a webpage or image that you might link to. It includes a portion of anchor tags and perhaps sub-directories and names. Files, documents, HTML pages, images etc. Ex. URL absolutes: text between quotation marks. There are 2 different types of internal links - one absolute and one relative.

Bait and switch

Tell me the difference between switching to a bait and switching out? The term "SEO" refers to a black hat SEO strategy which involves using content on a webpage to get higher rankings on Once satisfied with your ranking then you switch the page content on the website to a different page (content that normally would not get good ranking).

Article stats

Shows the number of links a particular page has to its site. The more links you get the better the ranking is on Displays estimated daily search traffic for the article from Ahrefs data. Google's search statistics show that the total number of users is usually 1-3x more. The number of times these stories have been posted to Twitter.

Marina Dolcic

The SEO tool Morningscore is used mainly for SEO professionals and beginners. Its okay for beginners to learn something new. In all cases, we include both terms that are widely accepted within search engines as well as more official Google terms. This is the most comprehensive search engine optimizer dictionary that will help you improve visibility on search engines.

Algorithmic Penalty

Tell me the meaning of algorithms and penalties in criminal cases. How can you reduce the rank on search results? It is difficult for someone to spot a drastic drop in web traffic. You can only eliminate them by looking for issues that don't follow Google's instructions and fixing these.

200 responses

HTTP status message that indicates a site has successfully completed requesting access. Redirect that sends the customer to a different site and informs the Searching Machines that the webpage has permanently been moved.

Authority site

Tell us about an authority website? This website is designed to help users and industry professionals. These sites both provide credible information and links to trustworthy sites, giving them credibility as experts.


Tell me the meaning of Baidu? The biggest Chinese search engines have an estimated 69.94% Chinese Market Share (near Shenma and Sogou) and 1.77% worldwide Market Share. Baidu provides similar services to Google.

410 gone

Status HTTP that indicates that the requesting resource cannot be found at the server and the forwarding addresses cannot be found.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

HTML framework for building stripped-back websites for quick loading in mobile applications.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Free program from Microsoft for monitoring and troubleshooting websites on Google.

302 redirections

Redirects users to an old URL and shows them that it was moved temporarily.

10x content

Content at least ten times more effective than current top ranked keywords.

Black Hat SEO

SEO is a term used when the search engines have ceased to comply with a strategy. Black hat SEO is often defined as concealing text in websites keywords, spam linking, content automation, cloaking and many more techniques. Black Hat Search Engine Optimization may cause a website's page to be penalized by search engines and hinders its organic rank.

301 Redirect or redirection

A website that when clicked instantly redirects users to the other website. 301s are used when an internet page is deleted. 301s are useful in the case where the page contains other links or is listed in the search engine. This helps maintain the user experience for your website and rank your pages well in search.

Dynamic tags

Several pages of the website's SEO are automatically created using placeholder tokens which allows for quick insertion on any page of the web of passable metatags. The corresponding HTML tags give a webpage a unique title description or other SEO content that can be searched by the search engines.

Duplicate content

An SEO word used in search engine optimization to refer to content which can be found on multiple websites. It can cause poor SEO results that could lead to search engine sabotage or even penalization. For duplicate content within a domain, consult canonical tag solutions.


Systems that can compute or analyze data or statistic information. For SEO a website performance analysis can help you compare website traffic and the behavior of users. Google Analytics provides the standard tools to collect and report analytics data.


Detecting backlinks on sites that are deemed to be spam by search engines to ignore. This disavow tool is meant to assist website owners who lack or have low backlink profiles in gaining their rights and preventing links to spam websites.

404 Not found

The problem occurs when a visitor attempts to view a page which is not present at the current time of the request. Sometimes if the 301 redirect isn't installed on an already existing page users might see the following.

Anchor text

Text on websites with links to other sites or a different site. These texts are usually different colours to indicate hyperlinks. In SEO anchor text can be used linking a keyword to an appropriate webpage.

ECommerce Search Engine Optimization

An SEO strategy that increases rankings specifically on the eCommerce website or category pages. Typically a web marketing campaign focused on a specific product name, a specific product SKU keyword.

Alt Text/Tag

A search engine optimization tool to describe pictures for the Google search engine. ALT tags allow search engines to find pictures without a search engine, which may include an interesting keyword.


In the conversion process a website visitor completes the key activity. Actions may include purchasing products, joining a newsletter, filling contact forms, registering for webinars, etc.

Canonical tags

HTML mark-up on websites that are not regarded as authoritative. A canonical tag tells search engines to look up the URL specified in that tag and pass the URL juice and rank to that URL.


An action sequence that involves calculations, algorithms etc. SEO refers to the algorithm that optimizes organic searches by adjusting more than 400 signals from Google.

Dead Link

A broken links link that redirects the visitor to the site not being updated. Error 404 is not found or server error. Deadlinks can affect search engine search ranking.

Content Management System/CMS

Applications used for managing the management of digital assets within a cooperative environment. Popular Content Management systems are WordPress, Onveo, & Magento.

Click Through Rate/CTR

The percentage of visitors who visit websites using organic or paid searches. It can be used as an indicator of title or description performance. Descriptions.


Utilization of web search software to collect and query pages from a website and to gather statistics.

Search Engine rankings

Web Page

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